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Quick 'Power' Ref.
Quick 'Power' Character References
Oldest Brother
Red 'color'
Super-strength/super-speed (and all applied uses, aka 'able to leap tall buildings in a single bound); near-invincibility (at times; will explain later)
Internal power supply akin to that of adrenaline-powered (not exactly. hard to find simple explanation)
Dark: Massive energy explosion
Super: ?
Alt-Ego: ?
Looks (somewhat) inspired by Jason David Frank aka The Green MMPR
Attitude inspired by my thoughts/actions as an older brother
Twin 1
Green 'color'
DragonBall-esque energy blasts; cosmetic effects; super-speed Flight
Internal power supply always recharging; rate of recharge is proportional to usage (small usage quickly recharges; big usage takes longer to recharge)
Dark: Massive increase in strength and speed
Super: Increase in all abilities, teleportation
Alt-Ego: Ahbl
Inspired by my non-meds behavior and younger brothers
Twin 2
Blue 'color'
Able to manifest/manipulate solid projections, aka force-fields,
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Office Visit
Office visit
"Come in, and have a seat, please..."
The voice is gentle, calm... neutral. Not unkind, but not exactly the warmest I've heard. Still, I enter the room and take a look around. There's a couch, but not like the ones they have on TV. Several bookcases, a punching bag in the corner... I glance around, noting the only other occupant as I slowly close the door. He motions with his hand towards the couch.
"I know it's nothing like what they show on TV, but..." He shrugs.
I give another glance about, noting the number of frames on the wall. Most of them aren't even photos; they look like diplomas, or something. I take a seat, facing him. The couch is the comfiest I've ever sat on. I look him over as he makes a few scribbles on his clipboard.
He's got glasses; they look like bifocals. He's balding, and it looks like whatever brown hair he has is surrounded by gray curls... He reminds me of that Apple guy, the opposite of Bill Gates... I forget his name. He looks smart. He obviousl
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Cosmos Pony OC by sword1119 Cosmos Pony OC :iconsword1119:sword1119 2 0
Rough OC timeline
Rough timeline
Jirah visits Eq. for the first time, meets mane 6. Spends night at Taproot's mother's house; totem assumes control; incident #1. Spends next day around town, exploring forest. Meets Miki's mom, spends day with her. Falls asleep under a tree with her; totem assumes control, incident #2. Jirah leaves next day, goes to visit other planes.
---(Several Months Later)
Taproot born, then Miki born. Poltergeist helps cloud memories once they become of age. Miki meets Taproot, they become inseperable during foalhood. They grow fairly rapidly, thanks to their father's genes.
--- (Several Years Later)
Jirah visits Eq. for the second time, but winds up landing in Changeling territory. 'Interrogated' by Queen, is eventually set free. Queen senses power, and love for the realm, feeds off it; incident #3- but on her hooves, not Jirah's.
Miki meets Swift
---(A few weeks later)
Jirah meets Miki, starts having 'issues'. 'Issues' continue for several weeks, perhaps months after he finds
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Taproot bio
Birth name: Taproot 'Barry' Kai
Name: Taproot
Nickname: None
Age: About 17-20
Birthday: Summer; July-August
Sex: M
Race: Unicorn
Height: Same size as Mane 6
Size: Standard boned
Mother: Unknown Earth Pony
Father: Dragonspeaker
Brother: None
Sister: Miki (Half Sister)
Boy/Girlfriend: (Crush) Nature Trick (?)
Happy-go-lucky most of the time, he almost always has a smile on his face. Very rarely does he frown. Like a certain (in)famous pink pony, he enjoys making new friends and bounding down the streets of town. He's always happy to make a new friend, and is quick to correct his wrongdoings. Very trustworthy, very kind, very honest. Likes to laugh.
He remembers little about his parents and foalhood, but has lived in Ponyville all his life. He makes a living working all sorts of odd-jobs, namely working at Sweet Apple Acres, where he uproots dead or dying trees and replaces them with new ones.
Relationships  ((On my Deviantart))
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Miki bio
Birth name: Miki S. Kai
Name: Miki
Nickname: Flower Girl, Butterfly
Age: About 17-22
Birthday: Spring/Summer, May-June-July
Sex: F
Race: Earth Pony/Pegasus
Height: Slightly shorter than Mane 6
Size: Somewhat small-boned
Mother: Unknown
Father: Dragonspeaker
Brother: Taproot (Half Brother)
Sister: None
Boyfriend: Swift
Not too quiet, not too loud. Very kind, loving, and affectionate to everypony she meets as well as every animal and plant she comes across. She cares deeply for the earth as a whole, but also cares for other ponies in general, especially her friends.
She is unable to remember much of her fillyhood, primarily her mother. She does remember what she was taught and certain 'bits and pieces', but not much else. She lives on the edge of Ponyville in a small cottage, with a fairly large garden, in which she grows just about everything. She grows most of her own food and sells some crops as well; this is her primary source of income. Al
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Dragonspeaker Bio
Birth name: Jirah Goda Kai
Name: Dragonspeaker
Nickname: Dragon
Age: About 19-25
Birthday: Fall; specific date unknown
Sex: Male
Race: Unicorn
Height: Taller than Mane 6, shorter than Luna
Size: Standard Boned
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother: None
Sister: None
Boy/Girlfriend: None
Daughter: Miki
Son: Taproot
Good-natured, caring, and outwardly friendly to most. Hides much of himself from others, doesn't open up to everypony he meets. Cares deeply for his family and friends, however.
Not a native to Equestria, he is a traveler hailing from some far off distant land (actually, it's a completely different universe). He keeps his past a secret to damn near everypony he meets, for fear of what they would say or do. He has seen things that no living creature should ever see, and because of which, seems to constantly comment and care about the nature of ponies, specifically certain 'evils'. His traveling days over, he has decided to reside i
:iconsword1119:sword1119 2 0
Pony OC thoughts
I've been thinking a little about what would happen if any of my OC's were 'Discord-ified', and I thought I'd just post what I'd got so far.
Dreamweaver (aka Poltergeist): Immune to being 'corrupted', since he is a higher being and his physical form is merely an avatar; You could say he's on a similar level as Discord in terms of... hm... power isn't the right word... He sees Discord as a contemperary; He knows he wouldn't be able to mess with Discord with his powers... I'm still working on this.
Dragonspeaker (aka Jirah): When corrupted, he uses his Totem to provide a new source of chaos; he goes primal and just goes on a city-wide rampage. OR~ He channels "The King" and goes on a rampage. 'The King' refers to The King of the Monsters himself: Godzilla. I've thought on how that would work; There have been three eras of films, each with radically different Godzillas: Showa, Heisei, and Millennium. The Showa Godzilla could be divided further into 1954 Gojira and 1955 Godzilla Raids Agai
:iconsword1119:sword1119 1 0


Power Rangers Defend the Alamo by KaijuSamurai Power Rangers Defend the Alamo :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 596 36 2014 Big Apple Crime Force Poster by BloodnChrome 2014 Big Apple Crime Force Poster :iconbloodnchrome:BloodnChrome 4 0 Kanohi - Set 1 - Mata/Nuva by Mekrani Kanohi - Set 1 - Mata/Nuva :iconmekrani:Mekrani 120 38 Inktober - Onion Bro by jamescorck Inktober - Onion Bro :iconjamescorck:jamescorck 42 9 Metru Nui sights - An Island City by IRON6DUCK Metru Nui sights - An Island City :iconiron6duck:IRON6DUCK 457 123 Dairanger Print for Power Morphicon! by KaijuSamurai Dairanger Print for Power Morphicon! :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 751 88 Godzilla VS Evangelion by KaijuSamurai Godzilla VS Evangelion :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,416 315 Godzilla: Rulers of Earth Japanese cover by KaijuSamurai Godzilla: Rulers of Earth Japanese cover :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,370 222 Brother Terminator Tulio by FonteArt Brother Terminator Tulio :iconfonteart:FonteArt 664 71 Mothpone by Zutcha Mothpone :iconzutcha:Zutcha 20 2 Godzilla 2016 vs Godzilla 2014 by KaijuSamurai Godzilla 2016 vs Godzilla 2014 :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,258 294 Cthulhu rising by DaShadeE Cthulhu rising :icondashadee:DaShadeE 4,166 286 Kaigai Manga Festa - Kiryu by KaijuSamurai Kaigai Manga Festa - Kiryu :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 465 11 Gamera: Pacific Rim print by KaijuSamurai Gamera: Pacific Rim print :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 938 121 Cthulhu Oil Painting by TentaclesandTeeth Cthulhu Oil Painting :icontentaclesandteeth:TentaclesandTeeth 7,014 444 Chaos Praises by ArcheoPony Chaos Praises :iconarcheopony:ArcheoPony 94 12


Song Title: Head Like a Hole/The Hand That Feeds
Artist: Nine Inch Nails

Starting off with Head Like a Hole.
Setting is a dystopian society; specifically one where Anti-Green has taken over, and is supreme overlord. Normal humans live in scattered remnants of cities and towns, and are powerless to change their situation. Super-Humans are religiously hunted down by Anti-Green and his team of Supers. Those that refuse to join him/are rejected are killed, so as to prevent an uprising. Most Supers know this, so they actively supress their abilities. Those that cannot are forced to flee and hide, often failing to.
Green, Blue, and Red exist as the resistance to this regime, and are somewhat successful at being a huge thorn in Anti-Green's side, by both being impossible for Anti-Green to find and root out, as well as winning several victories against Anti-Green's dictatorship. They take in and hide fellow Supers, while training to fight against the machine that is Anti-Green's regime.

When I listen to the song, I envision something like a massive broadcast, one that would be often shown to the citizens of the world to keep them in check. The initial verse would be something of an anti-propoganda being shown by the resistance in an attempt to shatter the apparent reality that Anti-Green tries to uphold/what Green & co. tell their trainees/what they spread amongst the streets, to the backdrop of constant 1984-style propaganda being blasted by Anti-Green; as the chorus breaks out, i envision something like the programming being disrupted, showing Green on every single screen, loudly protesting the regime. As the chorus ends, i imagine Anti-G retaking control (Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve). This line has a double meaning; it's what Anti-Green is saying to the masses, both telling them to keep in line while being a veiled threat to the resistance, while also being what green says to himself/in the anti-broadcast, alluding to the eventual uprising.
The other verse follows in a very similar manner.

The Hand that Feeds
Basically, I see a more complex Anti-Propoganda style message that would be broadcast by Green & Co.; it's a call to arms, to "bite the hand that feeds", an attack at Anti-Green. A call to get people to open their eyes, and persuade Supers in hiding to join them somehow.
Song Title: In the Air Tonight
Artist: Phil Collins

(song starts, first 2 sets of lyrics)
Blue is the main character focus. In full outfit/getup. (Will elaborate later).
Dark, rainy. Blue is overlooking a scene from up high, it's a man, he lowers. Blue is talking to/confronting said person (who he might have saved). Blue has been hunting said person for a LONG while out of costume; has committed an act Blue took a major dislike to; perhaps personally. Current train of thought involves witnessing suspect doing some wrongdoing to a friend/family member. Blue has taken it upon himself to enact vengeance, Punisher-style. Confronts suspect, alludes to wrongdoing. Blue either has met suspect out of costume before, or knows them out of costume personally. Suspect worries, wonders how Blue could know; grows silent. Tries to fight Blue, realizes he's fucked within 3 seconds, tries to run.
(Drumline solo hits)
Blue fulfills his vengeance against suspect, silhouetted by gloomy shadows against tall buildings in the rain (from his powers)


D. H.
United States
Current Residence: Bryson City, North Carolina
Favorite genre of music: Old country and old rock. I also like Hard Rock (think Metallica, and the like); RetroWave/Synthwave.
Favorite style of art: I enjoy them all.
Operating System: Tie between Win7 and Win10
MP3 player of choice: IPod.
Shell of choice: .45 ACP- because shooting twice is stupid... although 9mm, .22 LR and .177 pellets are very fun.
Skin of choice: My own- which happens to be white.
  • Listening to: ASMR videos
  • Reading: r/retrofuturism
  • Watching: The TV screen
  • Playing: Streets of Rage 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Water
So recently I saw this indie film called Space Station 76. It's a neat little film that supposedly got a lot of high marks at some festivals (the box said it was a 'film-festival favorite'). Adapted from a play, the film shows off the lives of several people living on a space station. The thing is, this space station is straight out of what people thought the future would be like in 1976. It practically oozes 1970's. What isn't gleaming station is straight 70's. The clothes, the attitudes, the ideals- at least, it feels like 70's. I watched it just for the setting, and it doesn't disappoint. It has no real plot, but it's a nice look at what could have (never) been.

This got me started on a huge retrofuturistic kick. It reminded me why I enjoy things like that so much. It's like looking into the past, and yet it's like looking into the future. Of course, it's all science fiction now, but the cool thing (or perhaps sad or funny thing) is that a lot of people actually thought that the future would turn out like it shows. And yet for all the things that changed, nothing really changes at all. Even recent examples of retro-futurism astound and entertain me. I'm tempted to watch Back to the Future 2 just to see what they thought next year would be like in the mid-80's. That's one of the few recent examples that we can dispute- most of the examples we see are either too far ahead or too far outlandish- or made too far back. A lot of ideas about what the year 2000 would be like as envisioned by people in the late 1890's/early 1900's are just plain silly looking. Even the ideas about what the future would hold in the year 1999- it's hilarious and yet so interesting to see what we had envisioned.

Also, every generation seems to dream of flying cars.

If you see something that would fit the tagline "The Future of The Past" or "Yesterday's Tomorrow", let me know. I love to soak up the imaginations of the past.


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