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D. H.
United States
Current Residence: Texas; south of Houston
Favorite genre of music: Old country and old rock. I also like Hard Rock (think Metallica, and the like.).
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Operating System: Windows Vista, sadly.
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Shell of choice: .45 ACP- because shooting twice is stupid... although 9mm, .22 LR and .177 pellets are very fun.
Skin of choice: My own- which happens to be white.
  • Mood: Yearning
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  • Reading: r/retrofuturism
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  • Playing: Streets of Rage 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Water
So recently I saw this indie film called Space Station 76. It's a neat little film that supposedly got a lot of high marks at some festivals (the box said it was a 'film-festival favorite'). Adapted from a play, the film shows off the lives of several people living on a space station. The thing is, this space station is straight out of what people thought the future would be like in 1976. It practically oozes 1970's. What isn't gleaming station is straight 70's. The clothes, the attitudes, the ideals- at least, it feels like 70's. I watched it just for the setting, and it doesn't disappoint. It has no real plot, but it's a nice look at what could have (never) been.

This got me started on a huge retrofuturistic kick. It reminded me why I enjoy things like that so much. It's like looking into the past, and yet it's like looking into the future. Of course, it's all science fiction now, but the cool thing (or perhaps sad or funny thing) is that a lot of people actually thought that the future would turn out like it shows. And yet for all the things that changed, nothing really changes at all. Even recent examples of retro-futurism astound and entertain me. I'm tempted to watch Back to the Future 2 just to see what they thought next year would be like in the mid-80's. That's one of the few recent examples that we can dispute- most of the examples we see are either too far ahead or too far outlandish- or made too far back. A lot of ideas about what the year 2000 would be like as envisioned by people in the late 1890's/early 1900's are just plain silly looking. Even the ideas about what the future would hold in the year 1999- it's hilarious and yet so interesting to see what we had envisioned.

Also, every generation seems to dream of flying cars.

If you see something that would fit the tagline "The Future of The Past" or "Yesterday's Tomorrow", let me know. I love to soak up the imaginations of the past.

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Xbox1 confirmed for failure.
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In all seriousness, I'm going to buy a Wii U- if not for anything else, for Super Smash Bros, and the virtual console.

I'm very seriously considering getting a PS4 for the same thing; a virtual console.

The day Xbox360 support ends I will lose the 2% faith I have in Microsoft (at least for that portion about Microsoft).
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